Lifegain Medical India LLP is an Indian Company to come up an alternative procedure in the healthcare sector and provide variety of Healthcare Products

Lifegain Medical India LTD is Indian Company was established by a visionary person Dr.Anil Shere On 25 Aug 2014 Lifegain Medical is a part of Lifegain group of companies. Lifegain Medical is manufacturer, wholesaler and retailer of health care products. Basically Lifegain Medical deals in medical instrument, such as thermal massager bed, Heating Mat, Heating Belt, etc. In initial stage this company was basically dealing with Medical Devices equipment.

At present this company is successfully spreading health awareness across the india Centers. Lifegain Medical is developed by using the principle of alternative medical science & delivering the message of health through friendly service of free experience to all people of the world. Lifegain Medical always remember that such an outcome would have been possible due to the interest and love shown by our customers.In order to achieve the higher aim. Lifegain Medical promises to deliver all the love, service and kindness with the continuous support of R&D team. Lifegain Medical will continue to endeavor it’s image as a well Being company in the India.


Modern trends and lifestyle is continuously devastating the health structure both physically and mentally. Pollution, radiation, work-load and irregular habits are squeezing the healthy India. To overcome this, LIFEGAIN MEDICAL INDIA LLP came up with an alternative procedure embedded with best technology to upgrade the health structure of the society.

On behalf of LIFEGAIN MEDICAL INDIA LLP , I express my sincere gratitude to the entire team who is working so hard to fulfil our vision and all the customers for their undying support always. Let US make every life healthy forever.

Dr. Anil Shere


"Our work is improving day by day. Everything we do and everything we say is part of it. Any work is an opportunity. All of Life Is opportunity....but there is work we have chosen to do together. Seek to know it, and when we know it, put it first above all else".

Our main motto is to develop healthy lives, and we won't stop till we fulfill it. Together, we can and we will.

I would like to thank the team LIFEGAIN MEDICAL INDIA LLP for being so active and responsible and believing in our thoughts. We dreamed of developing a way of healthy life for the people in India, The path was not easy but the sheer spirit of the team brought us to a place where we can actually do in what we believe. Today we are implementing the foreign technologies in health care products and it makes us feel proud that we are serving the people with such miraculous products.

Mr. Digambar Shingole

Our Credentials

ISO 14001:2015

OHSAS 18001:2007

ISO 9001:2015

ISO 13485:2016

ISO 9001:2008

OHSAS 18001:2007

ISO 13485:2003





Our Vision

"A healthy Family contributes to a healthy society which in turn lays the foundation of a healthy nation."
With a vision of creating an healthy India, LIFEGAIN MEDICAL aspires to be a leading Health Care Company with its superlative technology. It dreams of transforming the stressed and diseased environment into a healthy one. This salubrious idea and zeal is to nurture and recuperate India with joy and novelty by an alternative procedure.

Our Mission

To strengthen the society through health care by developing supreme quality medical products. So prospering our business is a part of social responsibility and with the help of technology it will generate a reaction which will not only change the outlook of the society but will develop a healthy lifestyle.
LIFEGAIN Medical would like to thank the entire Research & Development team for their everlasting efforts and coming up with excellent products which has made it possible for us to be a bona-fide organization.
LIFEGAIN Medical is contributing to an idea of a country which is energetic, responsive, responsible and most important satisfied with its health. With this simple philosophy, LIFEGAIN Medical is instrumental in shaping the lives of many people.