Lifegain Medical India LLP is an Indian Company to come up an alternative procedure in the healthcare sector and provide variety of Healthcare Products


Double Filtration: UV + R0 + Minerals Based on Reverse 0smosis 0.0001 micron membrane technology, developed by BARC Govt of India & Ultra Violet Technology7 Stage Filtration RO System80 GPD RO Membrane UV Tube 11 watts

  • Storage Tank Capacity: 8 LtrH
  • H2 + Alkaline + Anti-Oxidant + Anti bacteria Pure Alkaline Mineral & Vitamin Rich Water


ALKALINE Water Effect on Covid-19

  • Aarushifier 2.5 pH acidic water it will help you to sanitize yourself and your house free of bacteria
  • It is also prone to disease-causing elements in your hand
  • Alkaline water comprises of Alkaline minerals and negative oxidation-reduction potential (ORP)
  • Boost Your Immune System with Aarushifier
  • Helps You to Combat COVID-19