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Jeevan R-Mat

The word “Jeevanrakshak” is made up of two words, Jeevan means life and Rakshak means guard which means LIFE SAVING mat. Jeevanrakshak is a mat which helps to keep our body healthy and fit and we can live a happy and disease-free life. This mat contains 390 aarush which is hexagonal in shape.


  1. It helps to improve our immunity.
  2. Helps in reducing any type of inflammation in the body.
  3. It helps to regulate blood circulation in our body.
  4. The use of JeevanRakshak Mat is very easy. It can be used by people in the age group of 3 years to 80+ years. There is a remote to control this mat with the help of which we can adjust the temperature according to our need.
  5. We can take this therapy by lying on our back or stomach. So that we can get relief from all of our problems.
  6. We can use this mat by covering the body, keeping it on the sofa, standing on it or sitting.
  7. We can easily take this mat anywhere and use it. Like on a picnic, on a pilgrimage, while visiting family members or villages.