Lifegain Medical India LLP is an Indian Company to come up an alternative procedure in the healthcare sector and provide variety of Healthcare Products

Lifeguard Mat

The features of Lifeguard are special as it is a best and convenient product in the form of Mat as per its name Lifeguard Mat. It consists of 940 Aarush stones which are designed in hexagonal shape 2 special stones and 12 Laser stones. These Aarush stones, special stones and Laser stones radiate Far Infrared heat and give thermal and therapeutic effect for the systems and it also has the attachment of pulse pad.

Benefits of Lifeguard Mat

  1. Helping the body remove toxins through perspiration.
  2. Boosting the immune system.
  3. Increasing the circulation of blood deep in the tissues.
  4. Reducing tension and stress.
  5. Improving lymphatic flow.
  6. Reducing inflammation in the cells.
  7. Stimulating new blood vessels to form, which doctors call angiogenesis.
  8. Increasing helpful fibroblasts in the skin.
  9. Increasing collagen production in the skin.
  10. Hair Growth Improve.
  11. Reducing Pain.
  12. Enhancing Bone Recover.

Benefits of Pulse Pad

  1. Revitalizes your energy.
  2. Improves blood circulation.
  3. Improves metabolism.
  4. Slimming ( lypolysis, cellulite reduction ,inch loss, weight loss).
  5. Toning, firming, lifting of the muscle and a instant pain healer.
  6. Deep cleans, whitens ,tones and firms the face.
  7. Regulates blood pressure and increase lymphatic drainage.
  8. Improves detoxification process.
  9. Increases endorphin secretion (feel good hormone; pain reliever).
  10. Increases human growth hormone secretion (biodynamic frequency and far   infrared inhibit the growth of germs.)
  11. Dimension - 180cm x 75cm
  12. Stone - 940 (Special Stone : 2 Laser Stone : 12)
  13. Voltage - 220 V to 240V
  14. Box Size - 31” x 24” x 5”
  15. Weight - 17kg