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Mandura Urmi

What is Far Infrared and is it safe?

Infrared light or radiations are electromagnetic waves that form a part of the light spectrum. Sunlight contains 4% ultraviolet radiation, 52% infrared radiation and 44% visible light. The physical characteristics of FIR (Far Infrared Radiation) are: Invisibility, Linearity, refractivity and reflectivity. Upon being absorbed by various objects, it has the ability to produce warmth. Far infrared harmonizes with the natural life-force released by human body to enhance resonance absorption and has the ability to penetrate deep into the human body. Far Infrared Rays are the healthy rays contained in sunlight, it’s most essential and beneficial for life and growth of all living things on this planet. This is the reason why Far-Infrared is referred to as, “The Light of Life”. Far Infrared is healthy and save, this stands in contrast to gamma, microwave or ultraviolet radiation. A large does of this types of radiation could be severely harmful. It is the infrared heat in the sun that gives us a sense of comfort. It is proven in many studies that far-infrared rays support the growth and health of living cells in plants, animals and humans.

Far Infrared in our body

The human body also produces far infrared heat, as the result of food combustion. The intensity of our body heat fluctuates continuously. When food combustion reaches optimum level we feel healthy, being able to overcome ailments, viruses and bacteria. When food combustion does not function properly, it has a negative effect on cell metabolism and thus our general health. As a result, there is less released far infrared heat which is important in order to keep the body warm and protect its vital organs. We become more susceptible disease and we tend to age faster. An external source of infrared heat can also be a major source to stimulate digestion processes. Of course, the body does need enough () easily absorbed food / power / fuel to generate healthy heat*.

*In case of illness and too little food intake, ultimately our (fat) reserves are addressed and if that’s burnt - out body tissues will be used or exposed to oxidation. In other words, the body becomes exhausted and is getting sicker.



Far Infrared and Healing power

Our hand palms radiate far infrared energy from between 8 and 14 microns. In principle, it is possible to alleviate pain and cure ailments by means of hands-on healing. Why we move our hands automatically to that place where we are in pain? For some people the personal emission of FIR is developed by practicing “Reiki, Pranic Healing, Yoga, Qigong etc. and they will be able to heal by laying on hands. No wonder... this form of medicine is already ben used for thousands of years. Mother Nature has given us every opportunity to live a healthy life. Regular exposure to the far infrared heat from the sunlight makes us feel healthier and more energetic. We are nourished and our immune system sustains strong. It has been shown that the far-infrared waves between 6-14 microns have special regenerative effects on the human body. If a cell or tissue is exposed to these wave, then the reaction mechanism is optimized as well as the adhesion of nutrients and an optimized osmosis of water molecules through the cell membrane takes place. The immediate consequence is an increased cell membrane potential, an improved transport of photon particles and ultimately an improved cell divisions. These waves will take care of that care of that the body’s healing processes are stimulated optimally.

Far Infrared and the detoxification process

Due to days high levels of stress and toxicity the body’s natural ability to heal, is often compromised. Some of us have reached critical stress and /or toxic levels and we do not have the energy to detoxify or repair our bodies. Far Infrared Thermal Treatment can leave you feeling relaxed and energized. When toxic gases such as sulfur dioxide and carbon dioxide or toxic substances such as lead, mercury, or chlorine reaching the big water molecules, they are encapsulated. Where these toxins accumulate, blood circulation is blocked and energy supply of the cell becomes interfered. The detoxification process begins when 8-10 micron far infrared waves reach the large water molecules, heats them up and initialize them to resonate. These vibrations break the bonds of the ion-toxins with the water molecules. Now a division of large water molecule clusters ensues. Japanese scientist’s report that a similar process occurs with the use of far infrared therapy in case of clogged capillaries: the far-infrared heat dilates the fine capillaries where the process starts to dissolve trapped toxins and waste.


Some advantages from the use of Far Infrared heat therapy mats:

  • Contributes to improve immunity and disease prevention
  • Assist in pain relief and inflammation in the weak tissues
  • Helps to reduce muscle spasms and promotes recovery of injured and painful muscle fibers
  • Healthy for heart and blood vessels (capillaries and dilates the blood) Improves blood circulation and micro circulation
  • Improves the flow within the Lymphatic system
  • Stimulates cell metabolism and enzymatic activity
  • Improves the oxygen and nutrient uptake of the cell
  • Helps fight free radicals through released negative ions
  • Helps in detoxification of metabolic wastes and heavy metals
  • Increases resilience; gives relaxation to mental & physical stress
  • Increased alertness as well as enhanced energy levels
  • For a healthy, flexible and tighter skin (helps to reduce cellulite)
  • Contributes to the increase collage formation
  • Faster burning of calories and weight loss at higher temperatures


The Tourmaline stones are baked ceramic stones containing Tourmaline crystals, Geranium, volcanic stone and other trace mineral. In 1880 it was discovered that Tourmaline has a very special crystal structure. It is the only stone that under the influence of solar power constantly emits a positive and negative charge at each end of its crystals. This phenomenon is called pyro- electricity (0,06A). It is a form of electricity that is healthy and increases metabolic activity at a cellular level. Furthermore tourmaline emanates solar infrared (FIR) radiation and negative ions, which intensify further during the heating process of the respiratory system, improves circulation processes and revitalized the cells. It helps to keep the body healthy and promoted the discharge of carbon dioxide, heavy metals, and other waste products from the cells. The far-infrared rays of these stones are not only beneficial for the skin and muscle tissues, but for all cell tissues of the body and have also an anti-bacterial effect. Event with chronic problems and illnesses one can experience relieve of certain symptoms and gain and improved condition.

About Positive and Negative Lon’s

An ion is an electrically charged atom, molecule or other group of bonded atoms. An ion can be positively or negatively charged respectively by lack or an excess of one or more electrons. The atmosphere around the earth is filled with positive and negative ions. The earth itself has a negative charge, so negative ions are repelled. This repulsion ensures that here is a certain balance between negative and positive ions in a ratio of 10 to 12, respectively. There are always more positive than negative ions in the average environment. Negative ions vitalize the air, making the air healthy and livable, thereby having a beneficial effect on all living things. Negative ions are therefore considered as vitamins of the air. An abundance of positive ions decades the quality of the air and is seen as a major cause of both physical and mental health issues, ranging from headaches to depression and even heart attacks. Research has shown that negative ion levels above 1000 ions per cc have beneficial effects on humans and other organisms. Unfortunately, negative ions end up into ever smaller concentrations because the conditions under which negative ions are produced are greatly reduced by human activities such as urban development and environmental pollution.


Concrete floors, high isolation, poor ventilation, electrical appliances, Wi-Fi and mobile networks create all positive ionization of the air in our home and immediate environment, they have a bad influence on our health. Factories and office buildings generally breathe even more pollute air. This is largely due to the steel and concrete structure. These materials absorb negative ions like a magnet. Recent studies of air quality in office buildings report an average of 25-20 negative ions per cc.

The effect of Negative ions on the body.

The key to improve the quality of the air is to stimulate the production of negative ions and to try to reduce the formation of positively charged ions. Science has on the permeability of a skin cell membrane discovered, that if there are positively charged ions permeated into the surface of the skin, the pores and sweat glands began to turn off the pores and sweat glands, this result show that here is a proper metabolism of the cell membranes. This phenomenon is called ‘Prototype Plasma Membranes of Dermal Reflectivity. European Scientists also studied the influence of ions on the human body. They proposed the following hypothesis – negatively charged ions are beneficial to the human body in four main ways.

  • They help to strengthen the functions of autonomic nerve system
  • They increase collagen production
  • They improved the permeability of the cell plasma membranes prototype
  • They strengthen the immune system of the body. Diseases can be prevented Inhalant allergies can be less or even disappear. Anxiety, depression and other mental problems may diminish or disappear.

The amount of negative ions and the effect thereof on humans:

  • Up to 50 ions / cc: causes physiological disturbances.
  • 1000-2000 ions / cc: minimum required for a healthy environment.
  • 5,000-50,000 ions / cc: kill bacteria and reduce outbreaks.
  • 100000-50000 ions / cc: to promote the healing of the body.
  • 35-40°C / 95-104°F | Safe for Sensitive + Extended Use| Regenerative Sleep + recovery; Gives deep relaxation; Combats jet Log; Helps digestion; Headache and migraine reduction; Improve energy levels; Regeneration of the cells.
  • 45-50°C / 113-112°F| Cycles of 2 Hours or More | Sports + Flexibility Training; Cardio + Respiratory Aid; Blood Pressure + Sugar Regulation; Improves glandular functions; Female Cycle Balancing + Support; Improves hormonal balance; Use with asthma, allergy symptoms and respiratory problems.
  • 55-60°C / 131-140°F | Cycles of 30-90 minutes | Helps with Stress, Tension, Anxiety + Trauma Relief; Increases resistance to stress; Joint, muscle and weak tissue support + Pain Relief; Profound Relaxation + Mood Elevator; Increases vitality; Improve immunity + Detox.
  • 65-70°C / 149-159°F |Cycles of 30-90 minutes | Sauna Level Cleansing + Detoxification of heavy metals and cellular waste; Improve viral, Cystic, acidic and endemic malfunctions; Natural Weight Loss + Skin Tone; Enhanced Sexual Vitality + Metabolic Aid in case of low immunity, flu, cold, hangover and low energy levels, Healthy Blood Circulation + Purification; Environment + Bedding Sanitizer

And further:

  •  Help up the mattress or pad 10 minutes before use.
  • Far Infrared can help the self-healing ability of the body to become reactivated again.
  • It is of great importance to drink a minimum of 2 liters of additional water in a day (No cold drinking water, drink at room or body temperature).
  • Use thin cotton clothes or put a thin cotton sheet over the mat. Rather no synthetic.
  • In case of pregnancy and for people with a pacemaker apply not above 42°C / 108°F and no more than 1 to 1%, hours use afterwards.
  • Do not use in fast growing malignant tumors or serious skin injury. Check with specific complaints always your physician/ practitioner or therapist.
  • Children and elderly people should use our products always under supervision.
  • Keep in mind that; (chronic) disease, ailments and limitations usually arise in a day and so also not just improve or cure. Our products are not medicines health articles.