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Mandura Urmi

Mandura Urmi is one of the best products of our company .It is embedded with best technology to upgrade the health structure of the society. With the help of Research and development team , Mandura urmi was launched.

Mandura Urmi is a mattress which length is 60 inches and width is 30 inches and it consists of 740 Aarush stones. Mandura Urmi’s features are very special .The Aarush stones are hexagonal in shape and are designed and fixed on the mattress. The attachment of Pulse pad enhances the effect of Mandura Urmi and makes it more special. Besides this the integrated remote is attached which helps us to regulate the temperature of the Mattress and pulse pad. This Mandura Urmi is a mattress so any one can make use of it on the bed or on the floor. We can rest whole night on it. We can use Mandura  Urmi while doing yoga. During cold seasons, this mattress helps us to keeps us warm. There is no age limit for the use of Mandura Urmi.

Mandura Urmi allows you to find the perfect sleeping position for you at the simple touch of a button. You can enjoy the benefits of sleeping with your head raised, your feet raised or both! Adjusting to the natural ‘S’ shape of your spine .

Health Benefits

  1. With the Regular use, Mandura Urmi helps in keeping the weight under control as well as burning 300 calories in a one-time therapy of 35 minutes.
  2. Helps in improving the nervous system by strengthening the blood flow power with daily use.
  3. Mandura Urmi helps in the smooth functioning of all types of metabolic system.
  4. Mandura Urmi helps in reducing skin related diseases and pimples.
  5. Using Mandura Urmi thrice a day, is beneficial in all diseases related to digestion.
  6. Taking regular therapy of Mandura Urmi, helps in blood circulation.
  7. Negative Charge lons (NCI) obtained from daily use of Mandura Urmi helps in making the body fit and agile.
  8. With the daily use of Mandura Urmi helps to get out the bad components of the body like chemicals, toxins and dead cells.
  9. Due to the large size of Mandura Urmi, it helps all the senses of the body to get therapy simultaneously.
  10. We can easily use Mandura Urmi while going out or taking it with us while traveling.