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The 158 Aarush tiles are used to radiate maximum FIR to warm, heal and support the painful areas, it aids in reducing stiffness, improving the blood circulation and increases the blood oxygen levels. FIR rays therapy is also beneficial for healing broken bones by improving the calcium content of the blood. Pyraheal is the most advanced Lumbar Support Belt for the prevention, relief and treatment of Lower Back Pain, Slipped Disc, Trapped Nerves, pelvic instability and abdomen related problems. It compresses, stabilizes and supports the Sacroiliac Joint (relating to the sacrum and the upper portion of the hip bone ileum) and reinforces the Spine, Pelvis and upper body relieving instability and stress and enabling the joints to heal. Works completely on the lower back portion.


  • The Pyraheal provides relaxation to the body in case of any strain or stress to the Lower rid of day to day continuous pain and aids the correction of joint bio-mechanics like synovia Fluid and Membrane. It also helps to prevent muscle damage caused by exertion after periods of inactivity or continuous serious physical activity. Promotes good posture and prevents slouching (make a part of the body droop carelessly) in the lower back putting less strain of the pain producing structures of the lower back such as muscles and ligaments helping to re-establish the joints.