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Pyraheal Pulse

 Pyraheal Pulse is one of the best products of Lifegain Medical India. This is so beneficial that it has changed the vision of living life.

Pyraheal Pulse is a unique invention in therapy industry and is a result of visionary R&D team of  Lifegain Medical instrument under the guidance supervision of Management team and R&D team.

Pyraheal Pulse is being invented by keeping in mind the human body. Pyraheal Pulse consists of 158 Aarush stones. The stones are significantly in Hexagon shape. It takes care of the Acupressure points of our body, which helps us to improve the blood circulation of our body. The stones are arranged in such a specific manner that 94 Aarush stones are in the Centre and are beneficial to deal with all kinds of back problems. 32 Aarush stones are at the sides which help for kidney function and the other 32 Aarush stones are arranged across our Energy points (Abdominal portion) this provides energy to our entire body.

Uses and Benefits

  • Pyraheal Pulse when donned across our waist helps to relieve back problems such as Lower back pain, Sciatica, Spondylitis (Lumbar).
  • Pyraheal Pulse when donned across our Abdomen helps to relieve abdominal pain and improve digestion, Liver function, Kidney function. Also helps in gas, constipation and acidity problems.
  • Pyraheal Pulse when donned on shoulder helps to recover the hand and shoulder related problems.
  • Pyraheal Pulse when donned across our chest it helps to relieve chest pain and heart and lungs related problems (Asthma).
  • Pyraheal Pulse when donned on knee it helps in recover from knee problems.
  • Pyraheal Pulse when donned across our neck helps to solve the neck problems, head related problems also minimizes depression, Spondylitis (Cervical) etc.
  • Pyraheal Pulse when donned on naval or pelvis help to improve problems related to private organs.