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Pyramat Plus

“PYRAMAT PLUS” has 476 square and pyramid shapes have been fitted. Square and pyramid shapes are considered to be the sources of positive energy from all four corners of the pyramid.

The energy emitted is concentrated at the center of the pyramid, proving to be more powerful and effective.

Due to which the Acupressure point of our body helps to be press, this helps our body to stay healthy.When we take the therapy of "PYRAMAT PLUS", then due to the same size of Aarush, the energy pressure of our human body,the point is pressed, due to which we get relief from our problems.


  1. It improves the immunity of our body.
  2. Helps in reducing any type of swelling in the body.
  3. With this therapy, our blood circulation starts working properly.
  4. “PYRAMAT PLUS" is very easy to use. It can be used by people from 3 years to 80+ age group. There is a remote to control this Mat, with the help of which we can increase or decrease the temperature of the Mat as per our requirement.
  5. We can take the therapy of "PYRAMAT PLUS" by lying on our back or lying on our stomach.
  6. We can easily take this Mat anywhere and can use like on picnic, on pilgrimage, while going to village or meet relatives.