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The Sleeping Wonder

The Pyramattress Mat is made in accordance with the human body which can be used in every season. The major concern for manufacturing the Pyramattress Mat is to eradicate the blood related diseases of the people. It helps to cure the pain of all the body parts.

Therapies from Pyramattress Mat

Based on the principle of Moxibustion and FIR Rays, Pyramattress Mat balances the energy flow of the body, eliminating body pain, Blood purification by stabilizing the mineral composition of blood & increases the immunity of the body.

Effects from Pyramattress

A new highly advanced technology of Pyramattress Mat gives better effects on Bone Marrow which is responsible for the production of RBC WBC, and Platelets as a result healthy blood has been produced and rise of calcium content in blood gives strengthen to bone also.

Miraculous Pyramattress

Aarush Pyramid shape tiles promotes oxygen and heat naturally to the body. It provides maximum amount of oxygen and far infrared rays to the body. It helps our body to fight with diseases and injuries by natural healing process. Nerve Hormone Control, Blood Vessel Management, Toxin Discharge, Ache Relaxation, Promotes Cell Reformation, Spine Alignment Spine Pelvis Reformation, and Increases Immunity Power, besides these, there are many other benefits of Aarush. It eliminates reproductive function of viruses.

It eliminates all cold viruses as well as all germs. It boosts a natural healing force and physiological function. As a natural antibiotic substance, it is used as a germicidal agent eliminates almost 650 kinds of microbes (combat 5 or 6 bacterium) Prevents bacteria from becoming resistant to antibiotics and sterilizes it. Boost an immunity system and maximize a natural healing force Serve as an antibacterial and anti-mold agent Promote physical growth & development and cell reproduction Maintain hormone balance.